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GreenWalls BOTTOM LEVEL semi automatic plug-in self-build living plant wall kit - 100cm 5 tray high planting system with sidewalls

GreenWalls BOTTOM LEVEL semi automatic plug-in self-build living plant wall kit - 100cm 5 tray high planting system with sidewalls

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This self build living plant wall kit is suitable for both indoor and outdoor builds.
When purchasing this kit, you will receive the following items:
    • 1 X 1000mm SIDEWALL LEFT
    • 1 X 1000mm SIDEWALL RIGHT

    This is a 5 level high system with 1 x water tank and 4 planter trays above (each level is 200mm high), finished height of the unit will be 1000mm 

    Semi-auto water tank feed system

    The semi-automatic feed tank kit incorporates a water tank at the bottom of each column of your living wall, each water tank has its own built in smart chip- a computer control system that checks the water in the planter trays above every 24 hours, when required the built-in pump will automatically top up the water level in the planter trays above. All you have to do is fill the water tank using either the quick fill hose pipe connector or the quick fill water pressure spray bottle fitting built in to the lid of the water tank. Each water tank comes with an LED water level indicator. When the light is on Red - the tank need filling, when the light is Blue - there is enough water to continue normal operation, when the light is Green - the water tank is full. The semi-automatic water tank can extend the time required between filling your system from 3 weeks (battery operated system) to 6 weeks, or much longer in winter months. Once the feed tank has water the smart chip will take over the watering of the planter trays in the column above, it will even stop feeding the trays in freezing weather conditions. This means that all you need to do is add water to the tank whenever the LED glows Red.

    Please note: The auto-feed water tank does require plugging in to a standard UK plug socket. The system runs on a very low energy 12v power supply. When ordering multiple auto-feed water tanks for multiple columns in your living wall please check out the 'multi-tank power supply' units in our shop - these allow up to 6 water tanks to run from a single plug socket.

    All Planting tray kits are available in 3 different standard widths:
    • 40cm - suitable for 3 large plants per tray
    • 60cm - suitable for 5 large plants per tray
    • 80cm - suitable for 7 large plants per tray  

    Water storage in every tray

    No need for daily watering as each individual tray holds up to 3 liters of water which is enough to help the plants thrive for a minimum of 3 weeks between water top ups. Time between fill ups is extended when using semi-auto and fully auto water feed tanks. But, even if your units are without power for prolonged time periods, the water stored in the planter trays will still sustain the life of the plants for 3 weeks.

    Universal hanging rail system

    Every tray kit uses the same twin hanging rail system - simply position and attach the rails to your wall using the rail guides provided with every kit, and then hook the trays in place. Our standard off-the-shelf kits are sold in sets of 3 trays, measuring 60cm in height. Or sets of 5 trays measuring 100cm in height. so you can build up a wall as height as you want to go. As a manufacturer we are also happy to build your system to any bespoke size that you require, simply contact us and we will be happy to offer free, no obligation,  advise, designs and quotes

    Robust GreenWalls - built to last

    The GreenWalls system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor living walls. Every steel part is either powder coated or Plastisol® coated and is built to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. Even our water feed tubes are made of tough 3mm thick Polyurethane, these have a working temperature rating between -20 ~ 80 °C and can also withstand high pressure as well as being wear and corrosion resistant. So, no rust, no brittle plastic parts that snap easily and no water leaks to repair - This is a tough product designed to offer a 25 year lifespan. 

    Simply select the tray width you require 40cm,60cm,80cm or 100cm - these auto-feed water tank and 2 tray kits are 60cm in height when built. If you wish to build bigger simply decide how wide you wish to go, then select the required number of BOTTOM LEVEL semi-automatic kits that add up to your chosen size. 
    i.e. A finished size of 160cm wide will require 1 x 100cm BOTTOM LEVEL kits and 1 x 60cm BOTTOM LEVEL kit = 1 x 100 + 60 = 160cm wide x 60cm high
    If you then wish to build higher then all the kits above must be UPPER LEVEL kits. Remember - all the self build 3 tray sets, BOTTOM & UPPER are 60cm high once built.
    i.e. A finished size of 360cm wide x 120cm high will require 3 x 100cm BOTTOM LEVEL kits and 1 x 60cm BOTTOM LEVEL kit + 3 x 100cm UPPER LEVEL kits and 1 x 60cm UPPER LEVEL kit = 360cm wide x 120cm high
    This kit is supplied with sidewalls, sidewalls are used at the end of your build to give a smooth and defined edge finish to your living wall. they are only required at either side of your finished build size, so only 1 tray set with sidewalls is required for every level high that you build. We also manufacture made to measure sidewalls - please contact us at to discuss the options available.

    Plants are not included with this self-build kit, if you prefer a fully planted and installed system - then please contact us at to discuss the options available.

    GreenWalls - perfect for every living wall

    Dreaming of adding a living plant wall to your home or workspace? The new eco-friendly GreenWalls stacking system is perfect for both commercial and home use. Using a universal hanging rail system, our living plant walls systems can be built as small or as large as you require, in any direction you wish to build.
    • Quick to install
    • virtually maintenance free
    • Install indoor or outdoor
    • Made in the UK from 100% recycled steel
    • Robust powder coated steel construction
    • Built to last and 100% recyclable
    • Smart feed system - tells you when to add water
    • Sidewalls simply lock in to the hanging rails
    • Build as big or as small as you require
    • Wall mounted and free-standing kits available
    • Semi-auto & Fully-auto feed systems available
    • Perfect for use in Hotels, Offices and Workplaces, Home Indoors, Home Gardens, Schools and Universities, Retail shops, Bars and Restaurants
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