GreenRoofs Living Roof System

An innovative, lightweight green roof system with super high water retention capacity, designed for residential, commercial & industrial building roofs in urban areas.

GreenRoofs offers a complete system, which consists of a EPDM Membrane, Drainage System, Growing Substrate, Sedum Succulent Plant vegetation layer and steel edge trims.

Self-install kits and professionally installed systems available

Why GreenRoofs?

Complete Solution

  • Sedum Blanket

    Our biodegradable Premium Blend Sedum Blankets comprise of 12 different species of Sedum. Sedum Plants store water in their leaves making them good for varying weather conditions.

  • Urbanscape Green Roll

    Super lightweight green roof substrate made from virgin rock mineral wool fibres. Its a great growing medium that ensures excellent water retention and conservation in green roofs.

  • Drainage System

    Recycled HDPE layer, which can be recycled. This 25mm deep waterproof pocket system both protects the roof from moisture, mould and salt transfer whilst retaining water to feed Sedums.

  • EPDM Rubber

    Our 1.5mm EPDM Rubber Membrane is the ideal choice for totally waterproofing living roof projects, especially commercial roofs. 20 year guarantee with a proven record of over 50 years.

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Key Benefits

  • 8 x Lighter

    A core component of the GreenRoofs system, Urbanscape Green Roll is 8 to 10 times lighter than traditional soil substrates. It can be used on almost any building without disturbing its structural stability.

  • High Water Absorption

    The GreenWalls system offers 10 x better water absoption and retention than traditional green roofs, ensuring your GreenRoofs system will seriously reduce rain water runoff levels.

  • Efficient Installation

    For a typical 1000m2 green roof 2-5 Tonnes of Urbanscape Green Roll is needed compared to 100 Tonnes of traditional soil substrates. Less material means less labour is needed & installation is faster.

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  • High Fire Resistance

    Non-Combustible heat resistant layers

  • Eco-Friendly

    Manufactured from eco-friendly products

  • Water Distribution

    inbuilt irrigation layer - no watering required

  • Acoustic Performance

    Reduces noise levels by absorbing sounds

  • Sustainable Solution

    manufactured using sustainable sources

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Green Roof Benefits

Extended Roof Life

GreenRoofs are shown to triple the life expectancy of the roof. The underlying materials are protected from weather damage, UV radiation and extreme temperatures resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

Rainwater Retention

Run-off storm water is reduced by 70-95%, decreasing the burden on sewer systems and reducing the risk of flooding.

Rainwater Purification

Using natural bio-filtration, GreenRoofs prevent contaminants & toxins from reaching streams and waterways. 95% of lead, copper and cadmium sulphide and 19% of the zinc in rainwater remains in the substrate layers of the living roof, which helps improve local water quality.

CO2 Reduction

GreenRoofs help reduce the amount of CO2 in the air, which is one of the most important causes of global warming. 1m2 of a green roof can absorb 5kg of CO2 yearly. Also, due to the buildings reduction in energy use, they have a further impact on carbon dioxide reduction by 3.2kg yearly.

Cleaner Air

The Sedum plants on GreenRoofs systems also capture airborne particles (Particulate Matter) from the local atmosphere. This has a positive effect on air quality and health. 1m2 of a green roof can absorb 0.2kg of airborne particles from the air every year.

Noise Reduction

Our GreenRoofs system provides good sound insulation. It keeps the living space quieter and creates more pleasant surroundings in urban areas and contributes to noise reduction in cities, near industrial areas & airports.

Natural Habitat

GreenRoofs provide a habitat for various species and help restore the ecological cycle disrupted by urban infrastructure. Improving biodiversity in urban settings.

Natural Look

The natural character of GreenRoofs provides relief from the concrete construction in urban areas. Adding green areas in urban settings is proven to have a relaxing phycological effect which helps reduce blood pressure & they also increase property values.

Premium Sedum Succulents

  • album sedum plant outdoor


  • shybrid sedum plant


  • coccineum sedum plant


  • selkianum sedum plant


  • montanum succulent sedum plant


  • reflexum succulent plant


  • FLORIFERUM succulent plant


  • pulchellum sedum plant


  • sedum acre succulent plant


  • sexangulare sedum succulent plant


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