Make a Beautiful

Harmonising beauty with planet-friendly benefits, our range of Living Wall Planters and Living Roof Systems effortlessly contribute to a beautiful difference – meticulously designed to be eco-friendly and crafted in the UK.

Create your beautiful environment

We specialise in the creation, production, distribution, and installation of innovative living wall and living roof systems throughout the United Kingdom. Discover our diverse range of living plant solutions meticulously crafted to enhance the beauty of any space while harnessing the transformative power of nature to cultivate a host of environmental benefits. Explore our range of living plant products meticulously engineered to infuse beauty into diverse spaces. Whether you're seeking to elevate the ambiance of a corporate office, transform an urban landscape, or enhance the tranquility of a residential setting, our solutions seamlessly integrate nature's beauty into your surroundings.

Make a Beautiful Difference…

environmentally, by making your world Greener.

Quality crafted in Yorkshire

Choose superior quality with our living wall planters – a premium option. Our corrosion-resistant, fully recyclable steel system is intricately designed, engineered, manufactured, and constructed for lasting durability, proudly crafted in the UK.

Make a bigger impact

Beyond capturing attention, our living wall planters deliver a remarkable impact. With pollutant-catching capabilities, you’re not just enhancing your own surroundings; you’re also making a beautiful difference to the global environment.

Create your beautiful environment

Craft mesmerising beauty that not only captures pollution and elevates both indoor and outdoor air quality but also enhances the visual appeal and mitigates rainwater runoff from roofs. Transform any environment into a stunning masterpiece that is as visually appealing as it is positive for the planet.

Loved by our Customers

We can make a beautiful difference

Trees and other nature-based solutions play a crucial role in mitigating global warming. Living wall and living roof systems are proven to improve air quality, biodiversity and mental wellbeing. Walls of Plants are dedicated to making low maintenance, easy to install solutions that make a genuine improvement to your beautiful world.

Join us in embracing the inherent beauty and ecological benefits of living walls and roofs, and together, let’s cultivate greener, more resilient communities for generations to come.

The power of nature

Employing the forces of nature, our living walls purify and enhance your beautiful world. By carefully selecting plants and incorporating Biochar-infused soils along with cutting-edge technology, we’ve developed living wall systems that not only improve air quality but also sequester carbon for thousands of years, making a positive impact on the global environment.

The Future of Climate Technology

Utilising a 2,000-year-old technique first developed by the ancient Amazonians. We convert agricultural waste into biochar, an enriching soil amendment that sequesters carbon, fosters soil biodiversity, and enhances plant growth. This process yields a fine-grained, porous charcoal that aids nutrient and water retention. Biochar’s carbon resists degradation, effectively storing carbon in soils for millennia. Employing this technology in our vertical living walls (indoors and outdoors) minimises carbon emissions and permanently sequesters carbon in the soil.

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