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Expert innovative concept design, manufacture and installation of pollution reducing living walls

We specialise in the design and manufacture of living walls. Our R&D factory in Wetherby, is dedicated to the development of new innovative green products that help benefit the urban environments that we all live in. Our main focus is on removing pollution from busy urban areas by using natural living plants, scientifically proven to improve air quality. We also design incredibly beautiful displays using an array of plants that thrive within our artfully crafted, energy efficient living plant wall units.

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The complete green solution

We are passionate about our products offering the perfect green infrastructure to suit your personal requirements. We employ dedicated experts in Electronic & Mechanical Engineering, Design & Horticultural Science. Providing a professional environment for them to develop new and exciting products that benefit not only air quality but also improve the visual aesthetics of any space. Create a healthier setting in your home or workplace.

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living wall concept design

Innovative Designs

Our team of dedicated design engineers are fixed with just one task - to design and build the best looking, air quality improving, natural living walls. They must do this using only low energy methods and fully recyclable parts and their main focus must be on permanent removal or storage of pollution. From start to finish, our design team continues to improve on the products we manufacture.

manufacuring living walls

Precision Engineering

At our factory on Thorp Arch Estate, Wetherby, we have invested in CAD steel work machinery, all capable of machining 3-Meter-long sheet steel. We can cut, punch, press and bend every sheet into whatever shape we require, Our chief engineer Michael says it's 'quite good fun' and he is always happy to show customers around the shop floor.

pcb design

Electronic Design

We don't buy in any pre-built micro components, why bother when we can design & build our own better! Each part we create is made for purpose, and by working to this concept our electronics design expert 'Zhichao' can future-proof all of our products by adding lots of extra capabilities for use in future, more advanced models of our products.

living wall power supply

PCB Manufacture

We have our very own resident 'Mad Professor' who loves to build all of our PCB's using the very latest PCB manufacturing technology right, here in our Wetherby factory. We can mass manufacture our own control units or create one-off boards made to suit our customers special requirements.

plants for uk living walls

Horticultural Expertise

With over 80 years family history in the professional growing of Bonsai trees, Our chief gardener has a wealth of knowledge on how to keep the plants thriving and bug free. We call him 'The freak', on account of his daily conversations with the plants and his odd ability to know everything about every plant.

UK service and delivery of living walls

Professional Delivery

Although we do use express delivery companies for our smaller boxed product items. When it comes to the anything big with Live plants already installed, then we offer our own professional delivery service - this may also include installation of your living wall product which is always available upon request.

living walls installed south Yorkshire


Buying a Living wall can become overwhelming, why not let us take all the difficult decisions for you. We can take a look at your project and quickly come up with not only the best system for your build - but also the best plants and the most economical way of installing it. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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