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We offer our customers a full service from start to finish, GreenWalls systems & Kits are simple to install and can be supplied direct for you to build at home or at work. However, if you prefer a professionally designed and installed living GreenWalls system, please get in touch today & we will create the best indoor & outdoor system using the best plants at the best prices around.

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vertical living green wall stacking trays

GreenWalls Stackable Kits & Systems

The new GreenWalls stackable living wall system & panels is simple to install and suitable for both home and commercial use. Fabricated using Plastisol & Powder coated steel to offer a robust and long lasting solution for creating professional living walls. Great for both indoor and outdoor installations. Simply fasten the hanging rails to the wall and then hook the planting trays in place, trays are available in 3 standard widths - 40cm, 60cm and 100cm. offering scope to perfectly fill any space, whatever height or width you need to build.

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vertical greenwall kits & panels

Battery powered - Manual Feed

Our battery powered manual feed system is designed for smaller builds, to help reduce the cost usually associated with living walls. They are easy to fill using a water pressure spray bottle (available to buy in our shop), Simply push the end of the fitting into the fill point adapter and pump to fill - water then cascades down to fill each tray. The bottom tray has in-built sensors to warn you when the system is full and when it is empty. Powered by a 9V battery (hidden to the rear), the system will flash red and very quietly beep once every 10 minuets when it is empty. When you fill the system it will then flash green and beep 3 times to tell you when it is full. When full the planter trays all have enough water in them to feed the plants for around 3 weeks.

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Plug In - Manual Feed

Our plug-in system simply required plugging in to a standard UK socket, it runs on a very low energy 12V system. Again designed for smaller builds, the plug in system runs exactly the same as the battery powered version (above), only you don't need to worry about replacing batteries each year. Each bottom level kit comes with its own 4M long wire and adapter plug.

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greenwall stacking system & kits

Auto-feed Water Tanks

Don't want the hassle of maintaining the plants? Simply add the auto-feed water storage tank to the bottom of each column and let the in-built smart system do all the work. It knows when to add water and nutrients to the trays above and will also let you know when the water tank is getting low. All you have to do is simply add water via the quick fill fitting and let the smart CPU system look after the rest.

This unit uses ultra-low energy 12V power supply that plugs into a standard mains socket.

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home build living wall system - indoor & outdoor


Using our universal hanging rail system to attach your GreenWalls system couldn't be easier. Build up and around windows or doors, straight up as high as you like or side by side along a wall. And with a good range of sizes available, you can fill almost any gap perfectly.

If you wish to watch a video showing instructions on how to build an indoor living green plant wall using the GreenWalls system, then please click on the link below:


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plants for living walls - indoor & outdoor

Naturally Breathtaking Finish Every time...

We recommend adding plants that are at least 20cm in height if you want your wall to look finished when planted, those on a budget may add much smaller plants, allowing them to grow & fill the trays. We can supply all the plants you require, if you opt for us to install your units for you. If this is the service, you prefer - then please either give us a call or email us to discuss your requirements. For a list of recommended indoor or outdoor plants, please read on below.

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Indoor GreenWalls System & Kits

Indoor living walls are often viewed as being purely aesthetic, in fact, in some cases they are! As many indoor green walls are not living plants at all - they are fake! Why? because indoor living wall systems are often costly, hard to maintain, and demand very substantial maintenance fees to keep them alive. But not anymore! our GreenWalls system is not only simple to install, it's easy to maintain! Each tray in our stacking system holds just over 2 liters of water and keeps the plants fed for more than 2 weeks, filling them is quick and easy. The life of each unit can also be extended by adding a small, plug in, water tank that attaches to the universal hanging rail. This will extend the watering times to 6/7 weeks. So, now you can add a real living wall system and enjoy all the benefits that they have to offer. Great for any business, school or hospital and even at home, see below for the benefits on offer from our indoor living GreenWalls.

If you wish to watch a video showing instructions on how to build an indoor living green plant wall using the GreenWalls system, then please click on the link below:


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Benefits of Indoor GreenWalls


Our conscientiously selected plants literally eat airborne particles PM1, PM2.5 & PM10. Our plants also effectively remove common indoor pollutants such as Trichloroethylene, Formaldehyde, Benzene, Xylene and Ammonia. They also reduce the ambient airborne concentration of Nitrogen Dioxide by 35%.


Plants do more than remove chemicals – indoor plants increase oxygen levels in the air. This increased oxygen contributes a lot to our well-being. By increasing oxygen levels, you can help your body to fight off the pathogenic viruses and bacteria that are responsible for most illnesses. It will also help to strengthen your immune system. This is turn will help your body to fight off any disease-causing invaders.


Living walls reduce stress. It’s been proven that spending time around nature increases people’s feelings of energy and has an overall positive effect on their mental health. Researchers concluded that working with plants seriously reduces both physiological and phycological stress levels.


Experts from Exeter University conducted a study on 350 visitors at the recent Chelsea Flower Fair. Accordingly, participants were asked to evaluate their creativity, happiness and labor productivity in four different designed work environments in a series of 90 trials. The results showed that with those working near living walls productivity increased by 38%, creativity increased by 45% and happiness increased by 47%. Experts believe their findings demonstrate that indoor living walls not only improve mood but are also essential to increase efficiency in the business environment.


A living wall acts as a sound absorbing barrier, they absorb 41% more sound than walls and this results in a reduction of up to 8 dB. Thus, the environment becomes much quieter, both inside and outside the building, with noise levels similar to those found in nature.


Plants absorb sunlight, 50% is absorbed and 30% reflected. This creates a cooler and more pleasant climate during summertime. For the indoor climate, this means that 33% less air conditioning is required, which in turn means energy savings. In winter bills are lowered due to the plants adding humidity to the room. Plants release moisture into the air through the process of transpiration, which is when moisture evaporates from the leaves. Oddly this cools a room in Summer and warms it in winter as the plants work to balance the ambient temperature around them.


The auto-feed system is available as an add-on unit and can be used at the bottom of each stacking column. By adding this feature product you will vastly increase the length of time between filling the system with water. GREENWALLS systems usually last 3 weeks between filling up the water in each tray, but with the auto-feed system you will be adding an extra water supply tank that is faster to fill and increases water top-up times to an average of once every 12 weeks. The auto-feed system uses a smart CPU system to control the water supply to each individual tray in the column above, and when required it will use the built-in silent water pump to automatically top up the water in each tray above. When the water storage tank is near empty it will then let you know that it requires a top-up by sounding a single beep once every minuet. At that point you can use the fast fill water pressure bottle (supplied with every auto-feed kit) to quickly fill the auto-feed water tank.


Standard GREENWALLS kits come with a 9v battery operated water top-up indicator system - this system tells you when the water is low (beeps once per minuet) and also tells you when the water is full (beeps 3 times).

When adding the auto-feed water tank to the bottom of your GREENWALLS column the system will then require plugging in. The auto-feed kit uses very little power and only switches on when the system asks the pump to automatically fill up the trays above. The auto-feed system plugs into a standard wall socket but runs on an ultra-low 12V supply and uses an average of £0.15 per month to run at current UK energy prices.

Recommended plants for indoor GreenWalls systems

  • fatsia for indoor living wall system

    Fatsia Japonica

  • Monstera indoor plant for living greenwall systems


  • peace lily indoor plant

    Peace Lilly

  • spider plant indoor plant

    Spider Plants

  • Anthurium indoor plant


  • ivy indoor plants outdoor plants


  • indoor boston fern

    Boston Fern

  • pepperonia indoor plant


  • Philodendron indoor plant


  • Epipremnum indoor plant


  • prayer plant indoor plants

    Prayer Plants

  • polka dot indoor plants

    Polka Dot

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Vertical Outdoor GreenWalls Systems & Panels

Outdoor living walls can make real changes to the quality of your outdoor space. They are not just amazing to look at, when applied correctly, they can have a huge impact on improving the local environment, benefiting everybody in the local community. If you want your business to make a green statement, don't try to fool everyone that you are carbon neutral, nobody believes that! Instead build a huge living GREENWALLS system and really show everyone what you stand for! See below for just a few of the benefits you could give to your local community. Climate change is happening now, not next year!

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Benefits of Outdoor GreenWalls


All our plants are carefully selected to offer the maximum in Carbon Capture, this results in a reduction of ambient CO2 levels. Using our unique blend of BIOCHAR soil (available to purchase form our shop page) makes the efforts of the plants complete - by adding BIOCHAR you effectively turn the soil into a carbon sponge which can fix and permanently hold the collected carbon in place for thousands of years. Biochar may be regarded as the future of carbon sequestration, but in fact - it’s an ancient technology believed to be over 7000 years old, used by people in the Amazon basin in the form of Terra Preta soil.


Plants are great for reducing levels of Particulate Matter (PM). These are the tiny airborne particles released mainly by motor vehicles and electric vehicles alike, they can come from the exhaust but also from Tyre and road wear as well as brake pads and discs. Therefore, exposure to PM can result in serious impacts to health, especially in vulnerable groups of people such as the young, elderly, and those with respiratory problems. By selecting the right mix of plants and including plants with hairy leaves or stems, you can very successfully remove high levels of PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 and greatly improve the air quality in your local environment.


Plants attached to your exterior walls will naturally collect and use rainwater to grow, but by adding a drainpipe fitting you can easily divert rainwater from your roof into the living wall system. Effectively recycling the water and reducing the risk of flood in your local area, living walls are proven to reduce rainwater run-off by 75%. Green walls are also proven to improve the quality of any run-off water that filters through them. Actively removing 57% of Nitrates, 66% of suspended solids and 23% of phosphate from water running back into the water system. (see EU's ignition project for exact data)


Green walls attached to the exterior of your building help reduce indoor temperatures by 4.8°C in Summer and outdoor ambient temperatures by an average of 2.3°C. Thus, reducing the energy required by air conditioning equipment and in winter the role is reversed. Thus, reducing heating bills. (see the EU's ignition project for exact figures)


By adding GREEN WALLS to your building, you can seriously reduce noise levels indoors. Living walls offer an average reduction of a huge 9.75dB and a 50% reduction in sound energy. A few benefits of reduced noise levels are Health – Too much noise is bad for the environment and for the humans too. Less outdoor noise seeping inside your house is good for health. Comfort – Sound insulation helps to avoid noise levels that prevent good quality sleep thereby increasing the comfort level inside your home. Increase Property Value – Having sound insulation for your walls will upsurge your home prices and will work in your favour if you decide to sell.


GREEN WALLS enhance human physiological and psychological relaxation when compared to the building wall. Tests have also shown that the view of vegetation also leads to a 12-15% improvement in memory and recall. Better mental health leads to happier, more productive and more creative human beings.

Recommended plants for outdoor GreenWalls systems

  • heuchera outdoor plants


  • hebe outdoor plants


  • ivy indoor plants outdoor plants


  • carex outdoor grass plant


  • Cineraria outdoor plant


  • Heather outdoor plant


  • Festuca

  • fatsia for indoor living wall system

    Fatsia Japonica

  • Salvia outdoor plant


  • Berginia outdoor plant


  • Lavendar outdoor plant


  • Aubrieta outdoor plant


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Self-Building GreenWalls Systems