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Walls of Plants

Where clever engineering and the wonders of nature meet. Our easily installable and low-maintenance vertical living plant wall systems make a beautiful, eco-friendly, and healthy difference to both indoor and outdoor spaces. We can provide expertly installed living wall and roof systems across the UK.

"Pioneering & creative designs, manufacturing, installation and servicing of innovative living walls and living roof systems that efficiently reduce pollution."

Specialising in the development and production of living walls, our R&D facility in Wetherby is committed to pioneering new, eco-friendly green products for urban environments. Our primary goal is to combat pollution in bustling urban areas using natural living plants, scientifically demonstrated to enhance air quality.

Opt for our expert planting service, allowing us to craft stunning displays using a variety of plants that flourish in our meticulously designed, energy-efficient living plant wall units.

The Complete Green Solution

We are dedicated to our products, providing the ideal green infrastructure tailored to your specific needs. Our team includes experts in Electronic & Mechanical Engineering, CAD Design, and Horticultural Science.

We offer a professional setting and state-of-the-art technology for them to create innovative products that improve air quality and enhance the visual appeal of any space.

Our goal is to create a healthier setting in your home or workplace. Using the combined skills of our team and the wonder of nature to deliver an effortlessly beautiful finished result.

Expertly crafted to Green
Your World

Cutting-Edge Designs

Our team of committed design engineers has one clear mission: to create the most aesthetically pleasing, air quality-enhancing, natural living walls. Achieving this goal requires exclusively low-energy methods and fully recyclable components, with a primary emphasis on permanently removing or storing pollution. Engaged in continually evolving concepts, our design team consistently enhances each product we manufacture.

PCB Design & Manufacture

In our Wetherby facility, we have our dedicated ‘Mad Professor’ who passionately designs, assembles, and programs all our PCB control units using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Whether it’s for large-scale production or creating custom boards to meet our customers’ specific requirements, we have it covered.

Green Engineering

In the production of our living wall products, we exclusively utilise recycled steel that can be recycled indefinitely. This is why we’ve employed energy-efficient CAD steelwork machinery, capable of processing sheet steel up to 3 metres in length. We possess the ability to cut, punch, press, and bend each sheet to the desired shape. Our chief engineer, Michael, finds it all ‘quite enjoyable’ and is always pleased to give customers a tour of the shop floor.

Expertise in Horticulture

Our head gardener possesses extensive knowledge on maintaining thriving and pest-free plants. Affectionately dubbed ‘The Freak’ for his daily conversations with the plants and uncanny ability to know every detail about each one. Through rigorous testing and expert knowledge, we can select a range of plants that will suit the specific location of any living wall, indoor or outdoor.

Future-proof Electronics

We don’t buy in any pre-built micro components, why bother when we can design & build our own better! Ensuring built for purpose, superior quality. Every part we craft is purpose-built, allowing our electronics design expert, ‘Zhichao,’ to future-proof our products by incorporating additional capabilities for use in upcoming, more advanced models.

Expert Delivery

While we employ express delivery services for smaller boxed items, our large products featuring live plants come with our dedicated professional delivery service. This service may also include the professional installation of your living wall product, available upon request.

Professional UK Installations

Purchasing a living wall can be daunting, but why not let us handle the challenging decisions for you? Upon reviewing your project, we can swiftly determine the optimal system for your construction, along with the best plant choices and the most cost-effective installation method. We can install living walls and living roof systems anywhere in the UK.

Reach out to us now to discuss creating your own Beautiful Environment.

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